Why work with us?

With our programming system we cover Android, iOS and web at the same time. We don’t need to program or customize each system separately. Great advantage in the speed of implementation and especially in the cost. Your ideas will be implemented inexpensively and in record time.

When you sign a maintenance contract, you receive the app including source code free of charge.


Our business model is built on three pillars

Standalone multibanking solution. A multibanking app for the end users and at the same time advertising a nice and modern solution to attract the interest of the banks with an already established solution on the market.

Selling the “white label” mobile software to the banks directly. By now, banks have understood that the mobile application is a constant and important financial companion. However, they continue to rely on outdated solutions and web applications. This is a contradiction in terms. Switzerland as well as Germany are moving very slowly here.

Many banks want to have much more flexibility and have decided to program the solution themselves. Here, our components and ready-made solution would serve as a template for tailoring the bank specific solution. The bank can develop a standalone solution with our established architecture and components.

Our competence 

Your satisfaction

Innovative, creative and future-oriented. We look for the trends and set new standards in digitalization. You can expect a lot from us, we will surely exceed this!


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